Lamia Ali


Lamia Ali is a Yemeni producer and director, mainly working on short film productions. She was an active participant in the Yemeni Film Factory, which was implemented in partnership with the New York Film Academy. Lamia spoke to us and shared the impact that the Yemeni Film Factory had on both her personal and professional levels.   The Yemeni Film Factory opened up new horizons for Lamia. Not only did it influence her production style, but it also provided her with the technical skills and knowledge to explore other forms of film, like documentary, which she became passionate about. She became more interested in exploring real-life issues in a creative manner, combining animation with documentary, and addressing deep issues. On another level, Lamia gained the ability to understand the filmmaking industry and ecosystem and how to succeed beyond the creative skills needed. She was able to explore issues around post-production, fundraising for films, promotion and marketing, planning, pitching, and idea development. On a personal level, Lamia gained more confidence to experiment with new tools and forms and became even more passionate about the filmmaking industry. She continued to learn even after the program ended, especially since she still has access to knowledge beyond the program. We are excited to see Lamia's work and to continue supporting her throughout her journey.