"Etreek 24" began as an initiative by providing a platform on social media for young people to meet and discuss relevant issues. It gradually evolved into a program aimed at amplifying Yemeni voices and engaging the masses, especially in the era of misleading information on social media. Etreek 24 quickly grew because it provided reliable information in an appealing and accessible manner. It became the voice of the people and provided the audience with the safety they needed to share their stories and express themselves away from imposed ideologies. The success of "Etreek 24" lies in its ability to develop widely circulated digital content and engage Yemeni youth, motivating them to perceive social media differently. Some individuals even realized that they could invest in social media as a profession and utilize it to generate income while highlighting topics that matter to them. Etreek runs engaging social media campaigns that reflect local needs, including an anti-bullying campaign. It targeted victims, parents, and the community, delivering different messages for each goal and generating extensive conversations on social media about combating bullying and supporting victims. Another important component of Etreek is fact-checking. The platform provides reliable information to the public and raises awareness about the importance of fact-checking. This initiative emerged as a response to the dissemination of misleading information through Yemeni social media, aiming to provide Yemenis with accurate and trustworthy news sources. It offers advice on how to identify fake news and verify facts, providing the audience with accurate and trustworthy information.