Arabia Felix Short Film Competition

  • belongs to program Art and Culture Human Rights and Democracy
  • Start at 1 August , 2021
  • End at 30 June , 2022

about the project

The Arabia Felix short Film Competition calls on filmmakers to tell stories of everyday life in Yemen, focusing on individuals who have successfully created a different reality for themselves, their families, and their community. Emphasizing peaceful coexistence as a deliberate shift towards understanding, the competition celebrates diversity and promotes living together harmoniously, free from violence. Through short films, the competition aims to highlight stories and advocates of peaceful coexistence, showcasing cultural diversity and pathways to harmonious living. It offers Yemeni filmmakers a chance to create high-quality films that champion principles such as peaceful coexistence, gender equality, acceptance, tolerance, women's rights, democracy, and human rights.


- 10 Yemeni filmmakers, both male and female, were guided, mentored, and provided with the necessary resources to produce their films.

- 10 films were produced, narrating stories about peaceful coexistence based on the reality of Yemeni society.


Target Group

Young Yemeni Filmmakers

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