Culture Hub Project

  • belongs to program Art and Culture
  • Start at 1 September , 2020
  • End at 4 February , 2020

about the project

The main objective of the culture hub project is to enhance the engagement and advocacy of youth and women in promoting a culture of democracy and peace through filmmaking, arts, and culture. The project aims to foster coexistence, social cohesion, and diversity. It involves building the capacity of twelve young men and women in the areas of peace culture and democracy through media and film production techniques throughout the project's duration. Additionally, it seeks to increase the involvement of thirteen young male and female photographers through social media, promoting a culture of democracy, peace, coexistence, social cohesion, and diversity for a period of 8 months.




The Project was conducted for seven weeks by New York Film Academy, teaming up with Youth of the World Together Organization. It hosted a narrative film training and a photography training from March 7th, 2022 to April 22nd, 2022 for twenty five youth Yemenis from Taiz and Aden storytellers from filmmakers and photographers through lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises. The goal of these workshops was to empower the youth to tell their unique stories of peaceful coexistence and it was designed to foster the artistic potential of the participating filmmakers and photographers from Yemen and then present their works in the "Culture Hub" which is a safe space for Yemeni Youth, focused on encouraging cultural engagement and participation. It’s an open space for all Yemeni artists, filmmakers, cultural practitioners to connect, network, create across all artistic fields. It provides Yemeni youth with a unique opportunity for spontaneous learning and collaboration while also offering specialised training programs in narrative filmmaking and photography.

The class sessions, taught by industry leading professionals, are designed to support the completion of the aforementioned stories and to help elevate their portfolios and increase their leverage in the market to become on the top of the hiring list and well-paid salaries.


Target Group


Youth Yemeni Filmmakers & Photographers