Catalyst Media Lab

  • belongs to program New Media
  • Start at 1 September , 2019
  • End at 4 February , 2020

about the project


Catalyst Media Lab inspires and empowers young Yemenis to advocate for positive change and democratic values through the employment of social media. Social media platforms are seen as influential tools that Yemeni youth can use to amplify their voices, to create narratives about Yemen, to advocate for social change, and to ultimately use them as a source for economic development. The Lab targets Yemeni content creators and provides them with the necessary training and mentorship opportunities in content creation, marketing and digital campaign management. The Catalyst Media Lab focuses on spreading positive and valuable content for Yemeni audiences to consume and therefore aligns with our vision towards promoting social and democratic values through the arts and digital media.



- 84 content creators participated in the project.

- 8 young content creators were trained and empowered to utilize platforms and skills to bring about social change and create a more positive local digital community.

- 108 videos were produced.

- 8 digital campaigns were launched.



Target Group

- Young content creators.

- users of social media platforms in Yemen.

Project Statistics

  • Trainees
    50 Trainees
  • Films
    4545 Films
  • Film Screen events
    100 Film Screen events
  • Attends
    22 Attends

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