Saleh Alarousi

Saleh Alarousi The Arabia Short Film Competition encouraged Saleh Alarousi to pursue his passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Saleh originally worked as a photographer and participated in the Arabia Short Film Competition, where he was able to expand his practice and benefit from the film industry. This enabled him to recognize the important role of the arts in addressing social, cultural, and political issues, as well as their ability to promote peace through human stories. Saleh stated that the competition had a significant impact on both his personal and professional levels, thanks to its continuous support. It served as a source of inspiration and knowledge for him. Saleh not only expanded his practice in filmmaking but also became a post-production editor and a trainer in the fundamentals of photography. He also mentioned the role of the competition in providing support in all aspects of the film industry, from ideation to storytelling, promotion, and marketing. Additionally, it provided opportunities for networking with other artists and specialists in the field.