Omima Tareq

Omima Tareq is an artist and Yemeni student residing in Malaysia. She is studying media and communications and attended the Dijan program, where she worked on producing and directing her own film. “"I had no idea about the film industry before joining Dijan," said Amima. Her experience was amazing, as it gave her the opportunity to meet international mentors and learn from their experiences. This greatly helped her navigate the process of producing her film, learn how to react quickly to address any problems that may arise, and develop the necessary flexibility to explore different scenarios for the film. She had to change her original idea to align with her current situation, and then she began telling her story through the film, exploring what it means to be Yemeni abroad and the daily challenges. Omima is excited to finish her studies to explore a career in the film industry, where she will work on different types and styles of films such as fiction, narrative, and documentaries. This makes us even more excited to see where Omima's journey will take her.