Heba Saeed

Heba spoke to us about her experience at YWT, saying, "The Culture Hub changed my professional life." Heba is a photographer and videographer who used to do photography for events and weddings in Yemen. She enrolled in the videography training offered by the Culture Hub and thought it was a great opportunity that was able to help her gain more expertise and technical skills, as well as to work within a community that shares her interests and mindset. Heba was able to learn more about production, directing, lighting, planning for sessions, creating scenarios, set design and prep, and editing. The presence of experts alone was a source of inspiration for Hiba to learn, explore, and work on more creative and artistic projects. Heba also emphasized the importance of having a place like the Cultural Hub that allows for spontaneous communication and learning with peers to build a community. Within 5 years, Heba sees herself as a professional videographer and photographer. She will continue to work on improving her skills to establish her own production company.