Ala’ Hafed


Ala’ Hafed, a documentary filmmaker, takes us on a unique journey with YWT. She remembers how she started as a volunteer at YWT a few years ago, working on social media, creating content, and promoting YWT programs. However, she fell in love with the work they were doing and became curious to explore all aspects related to the film industry. She began attending some training courses offered by YWT and slowly delved into the field. She visited film sets and shadowed some filmmakers until she was given the opportunity to actively assist in producing a film.  Her creative problem-solving skills and their importance to the team were evident. She provided solutions to every challenge the team faced and received hands-on training on what it means to be a producer. Since then, she has transformed her professional life into the film industry and received unconditional support from YWT to deepen her knowledge. She learned about ideas, production, storytelling, location scouting, and post-production. Most importantly, she was able to establish relationships with her peers and like-minded mentors, who provided guidance along the way. When Alaa's film was showcased at the Karama Film Festival in Jordan, she felt a moment of pride that her work was capable of reaching different people and influencing them. Ala'a says, "This experience has expanded my horizons."