Zakaria said, "Getting to know YWT was one of the best things that happened to me." This is what Zakaria from Hadramaut told us when we asked him about his experience. Zakaria is a journalist, content creator, YouTuber, and TV presenter. He was selected among 200 applicants to participate in "Catalyst Media Lab." He participated in the training in Egypt, where he gained experience and knowledge from various international social media experts. He learned the fundamentals and skills necessary for success as a content creator, from storytelling to video shooting, editing, photography, and technical analytical skills. After the training, Zakaria continued to stay in contact with the trainers and his peers. He was successful enough to work independently with local and international organizations as a content creator, raising awareness about impactful topics and promoting social values, in addition to providing social media training. After his participation, Zakaria was able to increase his followers' base by around 170 K on YouTube and Facebook, and he became capable of engaging with his audience in a different way. His success lies in his unique approach to addressing important social issues. For example, he created multiple videos opposing child marriage, which were eventually adopted and shared by many, including official entities. Zakaria is always grateful to YWT and continues to talk about how they have influenced his life, hoping to continue providing similar programs for Yemeni youth.