Wedyan Hadi


Wedyan Hadi is a well-known journalist, content creator, YouTuber, and television presenter who participated in the Yemeni Influencers competition as part of "Catalyst Media Lab." She went through three stages to be selected for valuable training in social media.   Wedyan tells us that she had tried to learn how to excel in social media on her own before the training, experimenting and exploring. She was able to learn many technical skills during the training, gained great confidence in her content creation career, and acquired a systematic approach inspired by many success stories.  Wedyan decided to primarily focus on addressing gender issues through her content, in addition to any relevant issues or trends, with the hope that her content can raise awareness and contribute to positive change. She has witnessed growth in the way she developed her content, changing her style to be more constructive and interactive with the audience, and attempting to convey important messages through channels that people can engage with. Wadiyan has been able to significantly increase her follower base and continues to provide inspiring knowledge to the Yemeni youth.