Manal Al Shaibani

Manal Al Shaibani is a filmmaker and producer from Yemen who works in production and directing. However, her dream of producing short films has always accompanied her. She saw a great opportunity in the Arabia Short Film Competition, especially since there were no institutions in Sana'a that were engaged in similar work, and she was right. What she learned there helped her achieve this dream. Manal embarked on a journey that supported her professional career, and through this competition, she learned everything she needed to produce a short film. She learned how to plan and develop her own screenplay, how to consider lighting and production styles, and even how to manage the team and interact with the audience. This opportunity gave Manal the confidence she needed to practice her profession in the film industry and to be able to promote social change. She sees the film industry as a wonderful tool for reclaiming Yemeni social values and culture, as well as promoting peace and social cohesion.