Yemeni Film Factory

  • belongs to program Art and Culture
  • Start at 16 June , 2022
  • End at 24 June , 2022

about the project


The Yemeni Film Factory stands out as a distinctive program designed to equip aspiring filmmakers, both young men and women, with the essential skills and resources needed to create economic opportunities in the filmmaking industry. This innovative program is tailored for young Yemeni filmmakers who are actively seeking avenues to refine their craft and contribute meaningfully to the film industry. It offers comprehensive training, covering every aspect of filmmaking, from the inception of a film idea to its distribution and marketing. At its core, the program places a strong emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurial skills, with a strategic vision aimed at ensuring the long-term success and flourishing careers of Yemeni filmmakers in the industry. The training is complemented by practical application, serving as a hands-on simulation of the concepts learned. To further support participants in translating their newfound knowledge into tangible projects, the program extends production grants and provides mentoring opportunities.



Yemen Film Factory Phase 1 :

• 12 graduated Yemeni filmmakers equipped with the skills needed to pursue a successful career in the film industry in the future.

• 12 short documentaries that show the world that, though sometimes conflicted, Yemen has a cultural heritage that deserves to be embraced and traditions that deserve to remain alive.

Yemen Film Factory Phase 2:

1. Number of 12 young men and women with improved knowledge and high skilled in film marketing and distribution ,film grant proposals and film industry pitching.

2. 12 young men and women for self-employment by increased their job-oriented skills in films industry. 4. Three films were produced, 2 fiction and one documentary.


Target Group


Young Yemeni Filmmakers